Our Story

Like many parents, when our child played sports we wanted to show support for her and her team by wearing team gear. We found most teams had only a few choices. Generally, only hoodies or shirts and always just a couple of color and logo choices. The clothing was not always great quality. We wanted the option to personalize our gear with her name and number but either that was not a choice or the cost was crazy. But we wanted to support our child and her team so we bought the gear. And the ordering process was sometimes dreadful. Usually, filling out a paper form and our only choice was to order at the beginning of the season and wait weeks to get gear. One team allowed us to order twice in a season while another gave us a small order period every few weeks to order. But again, we would wait weeks to get our gear. Besides team gear, we were also purchasing other accessory gear from outside sources, such as insulated water bottles, hats, blankets and towels. Paying high prices.

We understand it’s important for teams to market themselves and the truth is, gear is marketing! What we learned from the owners and directors of the sports teams was product management, ordering, and inventory were big problems for them. It’s generally a pain to do and not a money maker so teams keep it minimal. They simply didn’t have the time, money and experience to manage it all. If they had inventory, they always ended up running out of sizes and were slow to replenish product. Many of their fans waited weeks, months, or never received gear at all. After all, their expertise is coaching and teaching our kids to play and compete in a sport. Not managing gear. 

Having previously owned two on-demand production websites, we understood there was a better way and we realized we could make it easy and provide more products and choices for teams, fans and athletes.

We knew the technology was available which allowed products to be produced on-demand with boundless choices. Unlimited logo choices. Bigger variety of color and product choices. And best of all, products could be personalized and produced one-off and delivered fast; direct to the fan. All while sharing revenue with the team. We built the Goatnik website where one could order personalized high quality team branded apparel and accessories and connected with great products and producers. We knew this would be perfect for teams, fans and athletes of all sports.

At Goatnik.com, everyone wins! We have club, high school, and league teams with dozens and even hundreds of choices of gear. 24/7/365 ordering. Ship to home. More product choices than just apparel. More color choices of high quality gear. More team logo choices. Affordable personalization. Revenue sharing and no hassles for the owners and directors! We do all the work and we make you look good!

Goatnik makes it easy for fans to order exactly what team gear they want, anytime they want it. Goatnik makes it easy for sports clubs, schools and leagues to get more gear representing their team brand. Stand out in the crowd! Get your team with Goatnik TODAY!