Clubs, Leagues, and Schools! Elevate your image with more products. Revenue share – No inventory – No purchasing

You started your sports club to improve young athletes and create great competitive teams! You know you need gear for your athletes and parents, but it ties up your cash, sucks up your time and is a total pain to manage. So you keep it to a bare minimum. During the year you end up with too many of one size and not enough of another then sell off the rest at the end of the year at a deep discount or just give it away. Hopefully breaking even but often losing money. Your parents and athletes want gear you don’t offer or worse, create products (without your permission) which do not represent your brand. removes all the hassles of managing gear. We provide your club with much more than just a couple of shirts and hoodies. We greatly expand your club’s offering with products parents are already purchasing from other sources. We offer a broad assortment of products which elevates your brand image and makes you look beyond professional. Our products can be personalized for each individual parent or athlete. We manage the entire process from sourcing and ordering through fulfillment. Producing only what is needed and shipping direct to your club or direct to your team members. All while sharing a percentage of the revenue. And you didn’t have to lift a finger. Get your club, league, or team on, contact us.

Most youth sport clubs and leagues sell limited apparel (and possibly gear) supporting their club or league. Generally, this gear can be purchased directly through the club or league website or their physical location. While thousands of dollars of similar apparel and gear are purchased by parents from outside sources. We believe many clubs and leagues are leaving hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars “on the table” which could help support these club’s financial needs. Goatnik Goat Club member clubs and leagues can utilize to expand their product selection with a variety of club logoed products to be custom ordered directly by the families and fans of the participating athlete or team. These are items parents and family members are already purchasing from other sources. All while gaining a percentage of the sales without the hassle of sourcing and managing the products or bearing the cost of inventory.